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I do love Simba's Pride very much, but there are many things in the movie that just don't make sense to me. And one of those things is Vitani's absence during the ending ceremony. Or maybe she was ...

***edit* holy crap have I desperately wanted to update this one indeed, I did look at a picture of Nala to do this, so if this does look referenced, it was indeed who says Kiara has to be a sucky h.

The royal family

Kiara's family♥ I love that Simba and Nala are watching their granddaughter proudly, and aunt Vitani is playing with her.


Ohhh, just look at them. Being a happy family and all. King Ahadi with his queen Uru and their two sons Taka and Mufasa, with their lovies Zira and Sarabi. How peacefull, in harmony.

Lk family tree

Funny pictures about The Lion King family tree. Oh, and cool pics about The Lion King family tree. Also, The Lion King family tree.