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Rayya Valerie Morcos

Rayya-Valerie-Morcos Amusingold and The Jewellery House Meet Design Adorn

DressCode:HighFashion - http://www.popularaz.com/dresscodehighfashion/

This metallic neck piece - fashion adornment

CpFywBLUkAIaFhq.jpg (564×700)

DIY Ear Cuffs, use an old ear phone and decorate to fit your style. Love this gold ear cuff.

beauty in coral (iseo58)

Mariana Méndez - Barcelona www.

From mundane to marvelous. This round up of zip tie art will have you taking a second look at this little piece of plastic.

Zany Zip Tie Roundup

RE PINNED - Emily Wainwright using Cable Ties to construct exquisite neck pieces and sculptural form.

Radiolaria collar silicona negro cortado con por nervoussystem

Nervous System, Radiolaria Necklace, silicone rubber, 6 x 6 ½ x inches

RACHEL ENTWISTLE http://blog.lonewolfmag.com/

Rachel Entwistle’s Amulets

File Under / Fragrance Finds We just got a hold of a few bottle-ettes of by Kilian’s Addictive State of Mind. Three fragrances with one unifying theme: smoke. These fragrances are NOT your classic fruity floral. They are complex, intricate,.

Risultati immagini per articulation sculptural necklace

contemporary jewelry design // Ute Decker *heather s.

jewelry recycled contemporary - Buscar con Google

Hwayoung Cho - Sculptural Necklace made with repurposed plastic + silver plated chain - contemporary jewellery design;

Declaración collar collar largo Lariat moderno por PevalekArt

contemporary art necklace made of pvc rubber tube, black leather cord, aluminum wire and red acrylic bead by Pevalek Jewellery. Maybe this would work with leather and stick pearls?