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Music humor. ;D I love this one!!

Take A Stand! yes,sometimes you have to take a stand.sometimes when people push you have to push back because turning the other cheek only works for so long!

I want a piccolo trombone Wies, dit is te geweldig

Wacky instruments - for some reason the piccolo trombone made me laugh really hard

Music Major Probs...

This isn't a music problem. I mighta smacked Tori in the face yesterday while telling a story.

Hahahaha sorry for the foul language at the end, but this is GOLD for anyone who's played in an ensemble.

Do you want China listening to your concert?

Let's have some fun with a hilarious band post. It's long, but worth the read! Hahaha I'm crying I'm laughing so hard ----------- I'm the only flutest in my band I DON'T PLAY!

Music Problems ~ or also when people ask you a question while you're playing, and it's one you have to really think about...and your playing starts to slowww downnn (especially if you were totally improvving, hmm), and you get the head-cocked confused look on your face...lol!

And when the band director makes us start playing right after something totally hilarious happens

music humor

Music nerd humor--I am glad that I'm taking Orchestra, so I'm pinning a bunch of these music humor pins so I can go through later and laugh.

I have too many! Violin, cello, *french horn*, alto sax, trumpet, bass clarinet, ugh and so many others!❤️

On of my favourite parts of being a band geek comment if you are a band geek! I love it when i find other band geeks!