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CE - cook-and-effy Fan Art

Wallpaper and background photos of CE for fans of Cook & Effy images.

Alex Vause & Piper Chapman

Are these two really the actors that play Piper Chapman and Alex Vause in OITNB?

Nomi & Amanita - Sense8 ❤️ The idea was to have this ready for the Brazilian…

The idea was to have this ready for the Brazilian Valentine's Day last Sunday, but we had little to no free time this past few weeks And we also wanted it to be a way to pay our respects to the vic.

Skins Cook- Cookie makes my world turn as he breaks my heart

Skins Cook- Cook can turn a straight man gay

Effy Stonem - The only thing i'm good at is destroying myself.

sam) i had been crying again, depression hit like a bitch. i was on the roof of the school sitting on the edge just smoking. "i've gotten through 5 cigarettes already. gods f**k it" i growl at myself but then i hear the door to the roof open

Pinterest : ttmoonab

Pinterest : ttmoonab

I'm not a Sterek shipper, but I can totally see Derek doing this to Stiles.

Yes you did, Stiles! Admit it! Ahaha this is lovely xD As you can see, I am in a sterek mood. A sterek and wolfstar mood.