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Karl Fritsch rings

Based in New Zealand, designer Karl Fritsch creates breathtaking, contemporary jewelry pieces. Craftsmanship, fine art and wondrous stori.

Anna Vlahos Rings: Basi 2012 Sterling Silver, Sterling silver and 18ct gold

Anna Vlahos Ring: Basi, 2012 Sterling Silver, Sterling silver and gold x cm approx.

Tissa Berwanger  Ring: Estruturas Vegetais 2007  Blackened silver

"estruturas vegetais" (plant structure) ring by Brazilian jeweller Tissa Berwanger Oxisied Silver

glass rings by carolina vallejo (born in greece, lives and works in copenhagen, denmark)

lenses for jewelry by jiro kamata (born in japan, lives and works in munich, germany) the struggle of precious with non-precious materials is typical of re

4th Quarter Week 5

4th Quarter Week 5


Based in Athens and Berlin, this design duo has an adorable, lighthearted style that's distinctly their own. Scoot on over to Kiss the Fr.

Terhi Tolvanen.  © By the author. Read    Klimt02.net Copyright   .

Terhi Tolvanen Necklace: Perles 2012 Faceted pearls, heather wood, silver Ø 19 cm