Portable Lumber Mill DIY Bench Project. " I love this product.I've started making furniture out of the wood I've cut and sold it as fast as I can make it. People have found out I have the mill and are now asking me to cut trees up they have and want to turn into furniture. My only advice is to make sure you buy the right chainsaw and to research it as much as possible.I did a lot of research and bought the right equipment and it works great." - King21573  from Atlanta, GA

Good ideas (images)- link takes you to Northern Tool and the Alaskan Portable Lumber Mill- DIY Bench Project.

24 Driftwood Furniture Designs That May Inspire You!

24 Driftwood Furniture Designs That May Inspire You

Driftwood story tellers chair

Driftwood story tellers chair I'd personally like it a bit wider for my own derriere. but it is lovely and beautifully crafted!

bench - julia's driftwood furniture

This bench reminds of me of the bench that is next to Toss in my book. She plays a big role because the boy sits on her everyday to eat his lunch.