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Boys on the walk, 1950 #ShotglassMemories #MoodBoard

Teens, Teenage boys wearing the style they are most accustomed to throughout the United States; Jeans, leather boots (shoes are acceptable) and button up shirt with carefully rolled sleeves (a tee shirt may be worn under this or by itself).

Raqual Welch

She is still just as gorgeous today as she was back then. Can you believe she is I don& know if it& plastic surgery or if she has some awesome genes but can I have some of that serum please!

Young Betty White

the highest paid pin-up girl of the considered by many as the first true supermodel. Her waist measured 18 inches, her bust 38 inches and hips 36 inches. It’s speculated she achieved her tiny waist with corset training

love love love

"Always in style (even today!) Love the hair, too!" Teddy Girl series by Ken Russell, 1955 vintage style fashion retro street found girl in cigarette pants loafers sweater hair

Lucille Ball = One of my favorite women of all time. Now THIS lady is a true role model. Classy. Beautiful. Smart. Talented. Strong. And funny as hell.

That gorgeous red head - Lucy! Of course, Lucille Ball was actually a stunning blonde! Check out some of her early movies! That said, she made red heads even more desired!


Bettie Page can head where ever you go now! This large over 6 inch tall patch will look perfect on the arm, chest, or back of your work jacket! This cream and black patch is fully embroidered and can be ironed onto almost any fabric. It features Bettie st