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British Shorthair Dilute Calico Cat;

seems like you could use essential oil drops diluted with water (so not overpowering) on a washcloth in the dryer.

Lilac British Shorthair cat by NiqueGata

Lilac British Shorthair - a beautiful colour and what magnificent fur!

Alfiecatz British Shorthairs - Colourpoint and White #ragdollcatshorthair

Alfiecatz British Shorthairs - Colourpoint and White #ragdollcatshorthair

Hi there! I'm so cute, big claws. by Roman R., via Flickr

Photos and biography of Betty's Kittens [redux] the kitten(s) of the day on August

Lilac British Shorthair

Just like its American cousin, the British Shorthair is England’s most popular cat since it originated there. The Cheshire Cat and Puss in Boots were both British Shorthairs. The breed is mellow and easy-going, making it an excellent family companion.

afbeelding britse korthaar - Google Search

20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

Wonderful british shorthair cat named Chiara by Tessa Photography

BRITISH SHORTHAIR: ------------ CHIARA: " Didja knows dat de biggest heist de devil evers pulled off wuz convincin' peoples dat he didn'ts exist? Me be concerned nows, cuz me mights be growin' horns!