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Hemsedal by Night  #norway #dhe1516 #hemsedal #dheihemsedal #nofilter #detvarengodtur by math7496

Hemsedal by Night #norway #dhe1516 #hemsedal #dheihemsedal #nofilter #detvarengodtur by math7496

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This is adorable and beautiful and just.. iridescent

Whoops I almost cried. I'm saving this under this board because it places emphasis on finding books with girl protagonists and heroes and coming up short.

@ Fletcher Pilon, Jakob Delgado, Ethan Karpathy, Chris Lanzon...do I need to continue???

Did someone say, "Shawn Mendes: A successful to be old out there touring and being set for life while I waste away inside all day eating cookies?

More Than Sayings: Change

The Best of Hipster Edits iamsamflynn: “ anna-torv: “ -theodora: “ thefifth-marauder: “ morecuriousthan-curiousgeorge: “ mattthetwat: “ “ ” “No, this is Patrick” I’m now dead. Now i’m.

This kid is totally going places, he absolutely used the right method.

Dog shit and toothbrushes. Teacher Is Shocked When One Of Her Students Says This. funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor stories funny kids funny jokes