Farmer's market flowers ~ I wish I lived in a city where I could walk down the street and buy fresh flowers. So lovely. I love fresh flowers in my home.

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Bwautiful #bouquet #flowerpower #pinkvibes

♆ Blissful Bouquets ♆ gorgeous wedding bouquets, flower arrangements & floral centerpieces - by Sachi Rose

White ranunculus | At Home in Love

Peonies are my favorite but i am loving these Ranunculus.simple arrangement, monochromatic, pretty for a brunch, shower, or wedding shower. One of the flowers in Lindsey's wedding bouquet

We saw thousands of Peonies exactly like these at Pike's Place Market in Seattle for $15.00 a bunch!! Yes, $15.00!!!

Is there such a thing as too many pink peonies? We didn’t think so! Peonies are my favorite flower!

I love this shade of pink because it isn't so "bubble gum" pink.I'm definitely going for more of an antique pink color as opposed to petal or bubble gum pink

Dreamy flowers on books still life Natalie Bowen's Floral arrangements are so artistic

Jul 31 Natalie Bowen's Floral arrangements are so artistic