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A solid, sturdy hunter of elk, bear and other wild animals, the Norwegian Elkhound has a temperament that is dignified, independent and generally, friendly. A hardy silver-grey dog with distinctive saddle markings and medium in size and substance, the Norwegian Elkhound is not only know for its hunting ability but also for its versatility and stamina, which in rugged terrains remains unparalleled.

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About Dog Norwegian Elkhound: Training Your Norwegian Elkhound to Listen to You

Training Your Norwegian Elkhound to Listen to You Why Won't My Norwegian Elkhound Listen To Me? This is a common question th.

Norwegian Elkhounds in three different colors. Very pretty!

norwegian elkhound - so pretty. Love the color of the one on the far left.

Norwegian Elkhounds

The Norwegian Elkhound: Just a flat-out wonderful breed - friendly and easily trained, handsome and confident.