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Axel Alonso talks the Marvel news of the week, including the reunion of Cable & Deadpool and the introduction of "Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur.

Nico Minoru (Earth-616)

Nico Minoru (Earth-616)

Every year, Nico Minoru's parents would join five other couples in a "charity event.

Puck (Marvel) Created by John Byrne First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (1983)  Eugene Judd was once an adventurer and Canadian solider who was cursed to become a dwarf for the rest of his life. Even as a dwarf, he continued to fight eventually joining the Alpha Flight. He is also good buddies with Wolverine.

An ode to the Canadian superheroes (13 Photos)

Puck (Character) - Comic Vine-- The bouncing and dwarfish dynamo of Alpha Flight, the good natured Puck is the heart and soul of the team. He has also recently joined Psylocke and Storms' Uncanny X-Force in the Marvel NOW!