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Sonic's 22nd birthday tribute fanart.

Sonic the Hedgehog fan art can be some on the weirdest stuff like I was looking at some today and there were so many shipping pictures and tears started to well up in my eyes it scared me its like furry art only 10 times as worse

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1 by Imtoolazytothink on deviantART

Another good example of how good character design can allow a drawing to be reduced to only a few lines and shapes yet still be recognizable. Even if the colors are wrong and most of the form is obscured. by Imtoolazytothink on deviantART

MLP Manga: Preview (1) by kiriche on DeviantArt

So its been a while since I've done an MLP Fanart! I've been busy with a lot of work but I'm glad I was able to fit some time into making this picture! To be honest, MLP was starting to be a .