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Animate the stereo image: scroll down to the first comment.  How to make it: Two images taken with the cha-cha method (moving camera) were aligned and the gif was generated in stereophotomaker.  This is appended (below) to a larger JPG (above) to associate camera metadata that is lost in GIF format.

December Grapes by Thiophene_Guy, even dead, grapes are beautiful!

white parrot tulips in contemporary glass trough vase | Easter/Spring table decoration

s ince we find ourselves at the beginning of prime tulip time ( as evidenced by last week's tulip explosion here on honey living ), i figure.

Lime on the tree

my favorite limes are Tahitian Limes, seedless, aromatic leaves and fruit


A mystical shade of purple flowers on a beautiful flower can completely change the look and appeal of your home, garden, bouquet, wallpaper and even wedding decoration. tall dark purple flowers pictures names

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

Unripe almonds — otherwise known as green almonds — go great in salads, soups and pastas.