Self-Taught Photographer Uses Unique Trick To Take Wedding Photos No One Has Ever Captured Before

Peter Adams-Shawn takes unique wedding photos by capturing the reflections in the eye of the guests. This meticulous and unique method is called 'Eyescapes.

Casamentos criativos no Blog da Fruit | by Fruit de la Passion

gorgeous wedding photo by Bali photographer, Veli Yanto. Make us photograph your picture like this and let us make your D-day the most memorable one.

Doesn't have to be at a table. Just with guests having a good time in the background.

Vintage/Anthropologie Themed Wedding

Definitely want a picture like this since I will want to talk to tj before we take the plunge

Bride & Groom - Cute for Bridal Pictures! Except I'd do bride knocking and groom opening. Or you could do groom trying to shove open the door and bride and bridesmaids on the other side trying to shove on the door to keep him out.