Pablo Picasso - Jacqueline Rocque

"Jacqueline Rocque" Oil and charcoal on canvas, by Pablo Picasso. Jacqueline Roque is best known as the muse and second wife of Pablo Picasso.

El Chico de la Pipa by Pablo Picasso

Boy with a Pipe – Garçon à la Pipe, 1905 - An early Picasso’s painting, designated to his Rose period. He painted this work soon after he came to Paris, showing a boy holding a pipe and wearing a wreath of flowers.

Picasso by Brassaï

Brilliant artist Picasso and his portraits of Dora Maar, photographer Brassaï, 1939

Maya with boat - Pablo Picasso 1938

Pablo Picasso - Girl with a Boat (Maya Picasso) painters painting painter paintings oil art artist artwork artworks gallery galleries fine arts draw

Protean Picasso: Drawings and Prints from the National Gallery of Canada & Selected Paintings from International Collections

Face by Picasso, Lithograph courtesy the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, © Succession Pablo Picasso (Paris)

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Pablo Picasso

dappledwithshadow: “ A Woman in a Blue Veil (Portrait of Olga), Pablo Picasso 1924 ”


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Portrait of the Artist's Mother - Pablo Picasso  Picasso is one of my all time favorite artistic inspirations, he was so talented.

1896 Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, Portrait of the Artist's Mother. It's About Time: The Evolution of Pablo Picasso's Portraits of Women

Picasso: Portrait de femme (Marie-Thérèse) 1939

Picasso: Portrait de femme (Marie-Thérèse) love all of the Marie Therese paintings.

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「2015/11/20 金 #晩ごはん ・ ✳︎豚の生姜焼き ✳︎ほうれん草と人参の白和え ✳︎蓮根のバルサミコソテー ✳︎かぼちゃのお味噌汁 ・ でした☺️ ・ コメントお返しお休みします いつもありがとうございます☺️ ・」

「2015/11/20 金 #晩ごはん ・ ✳︎豚の生姜焼き ✳︎ほうれん草と人参の白和え ✳︎蓮根のバルサミコソテー ✳︎かぼちゃのお味噌汁 ・ でした☺️ ・ コメントお返しお休みします いつもありがとうございます☺️ ・」


Blue Nude, by Pablo This print hung on my wall during a period of my life.audrey's comment: I like this work from his Blue period