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UNSTUCK - Printable and pin-able worksheet

These Motivation Booster exercises, based on how you& feeling, will help you relocated your missing motivation and stop acting like a Deflated Doer.

How to keep yourself unstuck!

Tip sheet for your creative stuck moments

Jan says : "Mind-Blowing and Mind Opening" - I Like the ideas What looks like instant creative brilliance actually comes from a steady practice of seeing, thinking, and acting creativity. This tip sheet can help you build a practice of daily creativity.

Unstuck's Best Advice of 2013

February Unstuck Advice: Tips for Paralyzed Procrastinators. Used these strategies today. Feeling stuck and lacking confidence. They helped a bit.

Before you ask for help, this printable worksheet will help you build the confidence you need to ask for assistance and then make the most of collaboration.

When it& hard to ask for help, but you could really use some, Unstuck& worksheet helps you overcome the obstacles so you don& have to go it alone.

These 6 exercises help you fine-tune and communicate that great idea that's stuck in your head.

Unstuck's printable worksheet helps you gain clarity around your ideas so you can clearly articulate them and move forward.

4 ways to stop waffling over a decision Self Development

Unstuck offers community, tips, and tools that show us how to live better every…

Unstuck iPad app - How to live better every day - Unstuck

Understand yourself & your body clock. Know when you are most productive & when least, developing a simple daily work life balance.