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Hitler family gravestone has been removed over fears it had become a shrine for neo-Nazis

Pictures of the day: 29 January 2013

: Führer Artefacts: The platinum and diamonds watch given by the Führer to Eva Braun on her birthday on February

putschgirl: “ Eva Braun with Hanni Morell, looks like the Zugspitze.

Eva Braun attempted suicide in August 1932 by shooting herself in the chest with her fathers pistol.

853 x 1280 pixels - 101 KB Adolf Hitler at the party reception at Führerbau, 25 February Behind we can see his deputy, Rudolf Hess

Hitler’s lover, Eva Braun, in She was then 22 years old and desperately in love with a man who was still not yet truly in love with her. As she wrote in her diary in “he has so often told me he is madly in love with me, but what does that.

Loving Eva Braun’s shoes here in the bottom photo. This is Eva and her best friends, Herta Schneider in

Eva Braun (right) with her sister Gretl (left) and their mother Franziska. This image was included in pages of Eva Braun’s photo albums and cataloged as such when I viewed and photographed it in the National Archives. (via gentleman-blackbird)


Unflattering photo of Eva Braun with Stasi or Negus, (via putschgirl)

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