Charlton Home 'First Trip to the Beauty Shop' by Norman Rockwell Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas Size:

First Trip to the Beauty Shop by Norman Rockwell is printed with premium inks for brilliant color and then hand-stretched over museum quality stretcher bars.

Portrait of John F.Kennedy - Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Exhibit- Winnipeg Art Gallery

Portrait of John F. Kennedy by Norman Rockwell, John F. Kennedy once said, "We shall go to the moon and do the other things this decade. Not because they are easy but because they are hard Sometimes you have to do things BECAUSE they are hard.

Medic Attending To Injured In The Field by Mead Schaeffer, March 11, 1944, The Saturday Evening Post.

Schaeffer, Mead Medic Treating Injured in Field- 'Sat Eve Post'- Mar.

Norman Rockwell, America’s premiere visual storyteller, depicted readers many times.

Crackers in Bed, 1921 © Norman ROCKWELL (Artist. USA, Boy reading in bed with a sleeve of soda crackers.

1928- Man Painting Flagpole- by Norman-Rockwell

“Gilding the Eagle” or “Man Painting Flagpole” by Norman Rockwell, 1928 ー【This Rockwell illustration was The Saturday Evening Post cover, published May