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stand up for yourselves bitches...

Shayla stand up for yourselves bitches.lose respect for someone you used to like

I care about people. But, the less I care what they think about me, the happier I will be. And THAT is the key.

I've always judged by actions, not by rumours, the opinions of others, or paid for verbiage by hallmark!

Rebel Circus: If your words say one thing, and your actions another, you're an asshole.

No more chances for people who don't deserve it!

This is me. I've given so many people so many chances. But once I'm done. I'm done. I don't care if we said we've made up. Or that you're not mad at me anymore. Once I've decided I'm done.I'm done.

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Yea I know how you feel, we all do. it's what you chose so be happy with Mrs. Saggy Wrinkles that hates you!

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Hahaha bitch I could care less anymore you want to ignore go ahead, fuck off, there will never be a relationship and I'm cool with that.ignore all you want in fact I prefer that now because if you were civil it would be fake as fuck just like you!