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Park Kyung pls

ㅡ on

Block B Park Kyung taking trolling to a whole nother level

kekeke This is totally my face if i corrected my teacher~! kekeke yehet bitches~! THANK YOU OH SEHUN~ <3

kekeke This is totally my face if i corrected my teacher~! THANK YOU OH SEHUN~

I would have loved to have been that person and seen his reaction.... lol.  Awesome ruler!

LOL yeah my desktop background was a photoshopped pic of Taemin and Kai almost kissing and my friends boyfriend was like your background is making me uncomfortable lol sucks for you bud

we've all been there........ #sunggyu

I've been like this a thousands of times. the most embarassing is when the parents ask you questions about you and you tryna looking serious or when you go to your boyfriend's or girlfriend's house!

that's about right ^^

^_^ I'd rather stare longingly into those cute monolid eyes any day.

Where is this competition?? I wanna join

Where is this competition? I wanna join<<<Just give me my phone and I’ll stay as long as the battery’s are dead

sorry sorry sorry misheard lyrics

When a kpop song is stuck in your head but you don't know the lyrics cx Super Junior-Sorry Sorry ❤

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE. the first time I decided to watch a k drama was because of JKS. I saw a picture of him with short hair and thought he looked like an anime character from a show I was watching. As soon as I saw You are Beautiful there was no turning back....hahaha

This is mah, so true! I swear we need to make banners and t shirts of this post! SO FREAKIN' TRUE!