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gusset: “ It’s like a trailer park tree house. or a trailer park mansion… ”

BinMitDabei.com - das Beste aus dem Netz.

Even though possessing a shopping cart without a receipt of sale is illegal, redneck logic tells them to use it to build shelves for the garage. Don't worry, the wheels did not go to waste! Love this


Would you like to live int his stylish, solar-powered floating home? The WaterNest 100 comes with rooftop solar panels and requires very minimal energy use due to its efficient heating and cooling system.


Leuchtende Donuts, fließende Module: Zelten auf Koreanisch

South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed "Glamping for Glampers" project. The five star luxury accommodation modules are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin.

habitat 67 innenraum - Google-Suche

fuckyeahbrutalism: Habitat Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (Moshe Safdie) my favourite thing on the entire world. I saw tghis back then and thought this was our future.

Not A Regular Camper

Not A Regular Camper

Funny pictures about Not A Regular Camper. Oh, and cool pics about Not A Regular Camper. Also, Not A Regular Camper photos.

Awesome One Man Camper!

Awesome One Man Camper…

Funny pictures about Awesome One Man Camper. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome One Man Camper. Also, Awesome One Man Camper.

Very cool

How to Make a Redneck Wind Chime

DIY ~ Bullet Shell Casing Redneck Wind Chime ~ One more trespasser and my wind chime will be complete!