Matchstick Banksia

Close-up of Inflorescence of Matchstick Banksia: Banksia cuneata [Family: Proteaceae] - an endangered plant from Western Australia. The matchstick-like appearance of individual flowers in the late-bud-stage gives rise to the common name.

Hermoso cactus en florescencia

Thistle is a weed and I will not make a board for weeds, but there are some I like and this is one. I have several of the dark purple blooming out back and have taken several pictures.

Odd flower

Peach Cavendishia grandifolia flower buds Roses adore the simplicity and sweetness in this peaches and pink floral.

Voodoo Lily - Dracunculus vulgaris (smells like rotting meat, but so interesting and unique!)

SmartSeeds - DRACUNULUS VULGARIS - Voodoo Lily- I have been trying to dig up all my dads bulbs that have naturalized on the property.

Red Banksia Flowers | Backyards Click

The Banksia men stories Red Banksia Flowers - grow wild in the Stirling Ranges, south west Western Australia

Puya Alpestris .......incredible

Puya Alpestris is a species of bromeliad native to Chilean Andes and grown as an ornamental plant. It produces a clump of gray-green, spike-edged leaves and bolts a tall inflorescence containing many flowers