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Ceramicist Haejin Lee creates sculptures that seem to unravel before your eyes, ceramic forms that open and splay outwards to make vessels unusable and faces far more interesting. Utilizing minimal color Lee instead focuses on her shapeshifting creations, often incorporating human elements like eyes and mouths that sprout from the banded chaos.

Ceramicist Haejin Lee designs sculptures that seem to unwind before your eyes, ceramic structures that free and splay outwards to make faces far more impressive. Using minimal color Lee instead concentrates on her shapeshifting sculptures,

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crossconnectmag: “ Unraveling - Ceramic Sculpture by Haejin Lee Haejin Lee is a ceramic artist from South Korea. Now working in Vancouver BC, she creates beautiful tableware in addition to contemporary sculptures. Winner of multiple awards, Haejin.

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I like it because it shows two contrasting ideas. I chose it because it combines form and function effectively (the fact that it is in a peculiar form, and it's function is to draw in an onlooker and cause them to admire it).


Johnson Tsang is a sculptor based in Hong Kong who focuses on ceramics, stainless steel sculptures and pub

"Pearl" figure sculpture by Pauline Lee. Paperclay textured and pierced female torso. Applications of stains and oxides and fired to 2200 degrees C.

Pauline Lee is an artist and . View their art website showing sculptures, ceramics and giclee prints.

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Seoul-based artist Haejin Lee creates surreal ceramic sculptures of figures that look like unraveling ribbons. Each one alludes to the passage of time.

Ceramic Sculpture - Ceramic bust sculpture beautiful man

Ceramic Sculpture - Ceramic bust sculpture beautiful man

Ceramic Sculpture - Ceramic bust sculpture beautiful man sculpture - home decor art ideas Part of a series - Items sold separately cm Handmade ceramic bust sculpture art - ceramic sculpture , ho