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Read several Jane Austen books in a year. Or several by a single author. Never fight with a shy British guy. You will probably end up falling in love with him!

If The Characters From "Pride And Prejudice" Had Snapchat

If The Characters From "Pride And Prejudice" Had Snapchat

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Slow down there...

I like Tris a lot better than Katniss. Divergent is soooo much better than The Hunger Games. Books and Movie!

Pride and Prejudice

"As the oldest Bennet girl, Jane would have had a lot of responsibility bringing up the younger girls, so she has a slight maternal instinct.

The only time Mr. Darcy smiled!!!!!!!! It was a magical moment, he is so handsome and he has such a beautiful smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

perfect banter in this scene from the 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice.

Fearsome thing

Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen): Are you so severe on your own sex? Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley): I never saw such a woman. She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold. Bingley: *giggles and points* - Pride & Prejudice

Driving downtown

Driving downtown

Sigh :-)

I blame Mr. Darcy for my high expectations of men.Yeah, thanks a lot, Miss Austen! as you can tell I just finished reading my favorite book and I'm still going through book withdrawal.

Mr. Darcy

Pride & Prejudice- I love how at the beginning of the movie Mr. Darcy rides everywhere. But after falling in love with Lizzy he slowly transitions to where he walks as much as she does.

... and that's how you get rejected  Bingley should get an award also

and that's how you get rejected Bingley should get an award also<<< For most tolerant friend?

Pride and Prejudice with memes – Drunk Austen

Pride and Prejudice with memes

You are Darcy wrapped up in the brilliancy that is Elizabeth topped with the perfection that is Jane and Mr.

Elizabeth Bennet: And that put paid to it. I wonder who first discovered the power of poetry in driving away love?  Mr. Darcy: I thought that poetry was the food of love. Elizabeth Bennet: Of a fine stout love, it may. But if it is only a vague inclination I'm convinced one poor sonnet will kill it stone dead. Mr. Darcy: SO WHAT DO YOU recommend to encourage affection? Elizabeth Bennet: Dancing. Even if one's partner is barely tolerable. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

One of the best part of the movie (Pride and prejudice)

This is literally my FAVORITE part of the whole movie beside the very end!

Pride and Prejudice my favorite jane austen book and my favorite movie of all time!