15 Quotes That Show That Mr. Rogers Was A Perfect Human Being

15 Quotes That Show That Mr. Rogers Was A Perfect Human Being

I just love this man! - "Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. Rogers Why can't people remember this?

Need to find this for my sister- in- law's graduation this weekend.  So cute!

I will not yell in class. I will not throw things in class. I will not have a temper tantrum. I will always be good, Because I am the teacher.

We are all teachers.  We are all learners too. Teaching quote via www.Edutopia.org

Reflections on the ASCD 2012 conference, Part 2

The best part of teaching is that it matters. The hardest part of teaching is that every moment matters, every day.so, so true!

Best Teachers Wall Decor

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Without teachers, there wouldn't be other professions. How would people learn how to do their job if someone didn't teach them?


Franklin Habit knows that teaching is easy - all you need are the skills you'd need to "pilot a bus full of live chickens, backwards, with no brakes, down a rock road through the Andes, while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.

Society is constantly changing and education needs to keep up to date with this generation’s interests and future goals. We cannot teach the same way that educators taught within the past which will result in student’s not being ready for society and future career options. Educators need to modify lessons and teaching to engage the student’s and to educate information that will be relevant to their life. Great example would be for teachers to incorporate 21st century literacy skills to…

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A nice inspirational poster on the true meaning of teaching. The quote by John Dewey "If we teach today's students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of .


Beautiful-quote-for-teachers (and fitness instructors/personal trainers, I've known so many in my classes who inspire me!

Here Are 22 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time

Here Are 22 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time


This was so me in school!My Dad would always ask me as a Kid and even now as a teacher if they didn't let me talk in school. Because I'd talk so much when I got home!

superhero school theme slogan | Via Diana De León Cerda

Tee shirt Superhero Poster for the classroom. I might change this and say "We Learn. That is our Superpower!" Thinking about using them for table numbers. T shirt

Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers: Let’s Integrate…

Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers: Let’s Integrate Technology!

Although this was made for children, I feel it still applies to my life. Preparing to continue kicking ass in class in 2012.

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Teacher humor. You know you're a teacher when...

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You know you are a true teacher when.I love the ones about our 2 bathroom breaks and how quickly we eat lunch, SO TRUE!