Joe, fashion designer from Taiwan & founder of the avant-garde fashion boutique MPM Studio (her pieces are available at Dog Harajuku (原宿) Shibuya (渋谷) Tokyo (東京) Japan (日本)

Joe is a fashion designer and one of the founders of AMPM studio in Taiwan. When we street snapped her in Harajuku, she had blue hair black lipstick with fashion from DAMAGE, a spiked bag custom Nike platform sneakers.

Moeka on the street in Harajuku wearing a Glad News biker jacket with a tulle skirt, Yosuke platform boots, and a cute lilLilly bag.

Japanese fashion and Tokyo street style -

Japanese fashion and Tokyo street style -

This cute girl with pastel hair is Yuka. She is 19 years old and she’s a student.

Pastel Hair, Mod Dress, Marimekko & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

Yama is a well-known Harajuku style icon and someone who you will likely recognize from any number of Japanese street fashion magazines. She works at Tokyo Bopper, one of Tokyo’s hippest footwear brands.

tokyo-fashion: Yama from Tokyo Bopper in Chanel, high waisted pants & Belly Button rocking horse shoes.

Blonde Japanese Fashion Student w/ Vivienne Westwood, Topshop & Agnes B Cute Tokyo Street Style w/ Vivienne Westwood – Tokyo Fashion News #vanitytours

Risako is a Bunka Fashion College student who we often see around This time, we snapped her in Shinjuku. In addition to the blonde hairstyle, her look includes fashion by Vivienne Westwood, Topshop Agnes B. More Risako pics here!

Japanese goth / street fashion / super cuties!

Aya Sato, Bambi, and Kotoha. You might recognize Aya & Bambi from the BOA “Shout It Out” music video.

Phell on the street in Harajuku wearing a The 1975... | Tokyo Fashion

tokyo-fashion: Phell on the street in Harajuku wearing a The 1975 tee with ripped denim platform shoes a clear clutch and Devilish pastel harness.

i like the feel of this outfit more than i like the pieces themselves. i love the olive with the black and white, and the layering.


Military style trends is that more in demand by women around the world, because it is not surprising that this style makes many women appear confident with

RID SNAP | Street snap of Emori Yuki

RID SNAP | Street snap of Emori Yuki