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Carb-tastic!  Easy, especially with a stand mixer, and fun to make.  Start them the night before and wake the house with the smell of freshly baked home-made bagels topped with everyone's fave!


Peter Reinhart's Updated Bagel Recipe: Bagels--true, chewy, malty bagels--aren't just a New York thing. They're easy to make at home and better than store-bought.

Classic Water Bagels. Takes a lot of tome but I love his recipes

Classic Water Bagels

We’re in limbo between Christmas and New Year’s, and to me this is the perfect time to talk about homemade bagels.  Many of us have a blessed extra day or two off of work, and may find ourselves with an extra moment to spend in the kitchen.  New Year’s resolutions and diets are looming so …

Homemade Bagels