Gardening on a surface that's not your usual environment (eg. Garden) can be difficult to get your head around. In today's post we'll be taking a look at 31 Roof Garden Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life, these roof gardens will give an alternative view on how to liven your roof space. Rooftops are usually unused spaces and if you have a small backyard and want to bring some more green by placing some plants to your roof!

31 Roof Garden Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life

Houseboat on the Eilbekkanal, Hamburg, Germany.

The concept of the house boat derives from the particular conditions given by the location of the Eilbekkanal. The lower deck, which is the main floor, is po.

rooftop patios on houseboats ....Amsterdam

Houseboats in Amsterdam; Holland counts many houseboats, but Amsterdam holds the record with approximately 2500 houseboats. Houseboats are a unique, Dutch way of living on the water.

Άμστερνταμ, Ολλανδία, Ρομαντικό-κανάλι

Άμστερνταμ, Ολλανδία, Ρομαντικό-κανάλι

Beautiful, aluminum-clad modern househoat in Amsterdam | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

+31 Architects' Modern Houseboat Floats Peacefully on the River Amstel in Amsterdam

Watervilla De Omval is a houseboat designed by Architects and it floats in the Amstel river of Amsterdam. The design has, unlike most floating houses,

Sausalito Floating Homes

If you love houseboats or floating homes, you may want to make a walking tour of the famous Sausalito Floating Homes part of your next trip to the San Francisco Bay area.