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laclefdescoeurs: “ Isle of Graia, Gulf of Akabah, Arabia Petraea, David Roberts ‘Depicting the Pharaoh’s Island in the northern Gulf of Aqaba off the shore of Egypt’s eastern Sinai Peninsula’ ”

If anyone has seen this I would thoroughly recommend this, the show has an excellent song in it, which is one of the best written in the last decade for ...

In The Heights original set. Funny, because in the Hillcrest production, Rosarios is on the right, and the salon/bodega is on the left (completely opposite from the original Broadway design.

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Another Marley, in a staged version of the story. He is a tortured soul, sent to warn Scrooge of the horrors that await in death.

Approach to Petra, an Ancient Watch Tower Commanding the Valley of El Chor | Cleveland Museum of Art, David Roberts

Ancient rock-cut watch-tower overlooking the valleys of El Ghor and Akabah. Coloured lithograph by Louis Haghe after David Roberts,

L'Egypte par David Roberts - David Roberts - The Western Banks OfThe Nile Seen From Luxor.

David Roberts

L'Egypte par David Roberts - David Roberts - General View Of The Island Of Philae.

Isle of Graia, Gulf of Akabah | LACMA Collections, David Roberts

David Roberts - Isle of Graia, Gulph of Akabah