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Tuxedo kitten--I have two black-and-white cats and they're the softest, cutest critters.

The Enchanted Cove

Find your inner purr.I'm not a cat fan but I'd snuggle this little thing anyday! It's like a chihuahua cat lol

I told you not to disturb my nap!

* * " I suppose I shoulda listened to em whenz dey said me face would freeze like dis fer a day if I kepts bein' super grouch.

Sweet Dreams, Cats, kittens, katte, friendship, sleeping, cute, nuttet, adorable, fluffy, photo, cuddling

the only thing cuter than an impossibly fluffy sleeping kitten is another fluffy kitten using the first one as a pillow.

it's icecold outside, but in the house it's comfy - Imgur

Post with 1329 views. it's icecold outside, but in the house it's comfy

A kitten with glowing, green eyes sitting on the pavement. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

You missed a spot.

Why Do Cats Meow At Humans

This would be perfect to practice on in Val Webb's online class of Painting Dogs & Cats!

Pumpkin the purr machine via @CatLoversClub instagram

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