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Una vivienda urbana con el espíritu de una casa de campo

pretty pink and white mason jar florals - 3 jars per table with 3 different flowers and heights

Offering an entire posy in a single bloom, no flower is quite as generous as a hydrangea. Exaggerate the abundance and painterly palette of hydrangea flowers by grouping them en masse in a lovely vase.

Embrace the Blues | To create this arrangement, we used billowy hydrangeas, plumbagos, cornflowers, and scabiosas for visual heft. We then filled in with salvias, cinerarias, and 'Techno Heat' lobelias to add texture. The result? A casual centerpiece with a vibrant blue palette that makes for a tranquil focal point.

Create Beautiful Seasonal Centerpieces

3 of my faves: White roses & peonies or carnations is sophisticated in this vintage wire basket.Arrangement by Carolyne Roehm

A friend's lovely hydrangea arrangement in a rustic urn


HYDRANGEA COLOR - Color is determined indirectly by the soil pH, which affects the availability of aluminum in the soil. In acid soils the flowers will be blue, in alkaline soils the flowers will be pink.

"Soft Elegance"

Learn how to take hydrangea cuttings and hosta leaves and turn them into a beautiful easy hydrangea arrangement for summer from Tilly's Nest.

The Green Buidling Wedding

Jen + RobGreen Building, Gowanus, Brooklyn Wedding

Victorian mad tea party themed wedding | Photo by Gabriel Harber Photography | Read more -

Happy Friday, indeed. What are you all up to tonight? We’re headed to a wine and cheese club shindig… umm, best club ever? Enjoy your weekend xx Photography by Gabriel Harber.