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This is pretty much how I feel right now. All the shots I take, what difference did I made?

If you want to know how to take great photos check out my new ebook about photography and special effects: [link] high speed water splash photography fist punch

Los Angeles-based photographer, Mallory Morrison, has been honing her skills in underwater photography for the past few years and continues to experiment with new processes and concepts. Originally a

Equilibrium: Edition #4 of 20

FAIRY TALE: Tell a story using this setting. Where is this? Who lives here? Tell about their adventure.

Doors in trees. apparently I have a thing for doors in trees.

The Blacklist Polo Club

Low, slow flying plane just above the Chicago building scape. believe what you want photography by Kris Brand.

I'm late for a very important date... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Alice in Wonderland theme.white rabbit, mad hatter's hat, tea cups and tea pot from the mad hatters tea party, mushrooms, pocket watch and playing cards.

It’s more important than ever to choose our battles wisely. Our challenge is spiritual first and foremost. What we’re up against manifests and lives in the minds of men as an implanted psychotropic manipulative mindset. It’s ugly, it’s completely controller-serving and it’s artificial. Yet it grows as if it’s organic. --Zen Gardner,

Fairy Tale Forest - This is the dream God sent me about Donnie the day before he died -the dream where God assured me He had Donnie & he would be happy & ok with Him. God was so kind & good to give this dream to me.

Going by the name paperboyo, Instagrammer Rich McCor has developed a unique style of photography that uses paper cutouts to interact with European landmarks

British photographer uses paper cutouts to cheekily transform European landmarks