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Make a retaining wall using quickcrete bags unopened and stacked like bricks. Wet the bags daily for a couple of days. The bags will set in the paper and mold perfectly to the other.

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There's No Place Like Home

Home owner turns on sprinklers before evacuating his home from a wildfire in Kansas.

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Funny pictures about This Is How You Protest. Oh, and cool pics about This Is How You Protest. Also, This Is How You Protest photos.


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if anyone is contemplating suicide, please don't. You may not realize how many people do love you, and love does get rid of all types of evil. Stay strong, everyone.

He must love his f**king cat ...

He must love his f**king cat ...

For anyone that says it's not the same cat, it's just the way the guy took the image. His image got reversed is all.<<<< It's obviously the same fucking cat peeps! Look at the white spot on its face!