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In addition, it was shown that video games would improve memory loss, and alleviate effects of parkinson's.

More at www.so-factual.com!

More at www.so-factual.com!

Pretty much.

I have never understood this mentality. We were constantly too young, too uninformed for everything." Then we magically became "older" overnight + everything was just THROWN at us

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Lego Holiday Card Set of 6

Lego Holiday Card Set of 6

Give this card to any dad, mom, brother, sister, or really anyone that's had close foot encounters of the lego kind. Dimensions: x Details: Inside is blank. Letterpressed on tree f

my_LEGS_FELL_ASLEEP, starvstheforcesofevil, starco, marcodiaz, starbutterfly

my_LEGS_FELL_ASLEEP, starvstheforcesofevil, starco, marcodiaz, starbutterfly. Why the hell did you have to pull the sword.

Lol its nice

Reminds me of my first Skyrim play through, except I was a low level player going into a high level dungeon… i fucked up