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In addition, it was shown that video games would improve memory loss, and alleviate effects of parkinson's.

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If you want to be the life of the party and always have a good topic for conversation, you need to learn these fun facts.

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In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra owned on of the world's first vibrators. It was a small container filled with buzzing bees

... and his great great grandchildren will still be paying off his school loans....

Michael Nicholson, the most credentialed person in history - WTF fun facts zackswimsmm.

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A youth group of grafitti artists in Palmitas, Mexico worked with the government to rehabilitate their town and painted 209 houses into one massive rainbow mural. Since its completion, youth violence.

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Pardon the language, but this is a great idea for a story.

Better idea: write it from the pov of the person who keeps killing off their soulmates. Then they befriend someone and get them to help kill their latest soulmate, only to find out that their newly-found friend is their soulmate all along