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"Dispute even three words you must not with a man less worthy than you; often the better man is defeated when the worser attacks"


Vikings Eat Pirates Rectangle Magnet by fullmoonemp

Where we stand.

A reminder to the simple-minded who don't understand that us wanting to protect free speech and opposing Antifa riots doesn't mean we are on the Nazi side either.

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Ragnar Lodbrok from the Viking TV Show with a raven on his shoulder. According to Viking mythology, Odin would often appear as a raven. Ragnar Lodbrok claimed to be descended from Odin and many Vikings believed this.


My interpretation:- "when you start talking shite, it's time to stop drinking!

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Viking meme

I have found my bloody viking.and we made a little fierce viking god that one day will be bloodly as well

Weekly Hávamál. #Havamal

"The foolish man thinks he will live forever if he avoids battle; but old age gives him no peace though spears might spare him"

A thousand generations of ancestors stand firmly behind me.  Remember this always.....

Why I will get my Thor's hammer in honor of my Swedish ancestors and wear it for the rest of my life.

This picture is a saying that drove Viking culture. This would be a religious picture because it is saying that the Gods are the ones saying this.

''Keep Your Oaths'' - In Norse culture, if a Viking took an oath and went back on his word, it was said that his sword would turn against him in battle and incur the wrath of the gods.