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Bahahah! This isn't even that funny but I just died laughing.

The Crystal Cave of Merlin - Hilarious fan art! I think we& lost it. First it was Sherlock, now this. and this one isn& continuing

Asshole uther

:p Uther is one of those characters that can make you feel only complete hatred for him in one episode, and in another episode, you sort of pity him and are okay with his existence. <--- literally couldn't have said it any better xD

I had watched merlin before doctor who and when this episode came on it made me laugh the whole time

I had watched doctor who before Merlin. And seen this episode before it. So when i started watching Merlin I couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar. When I looked it up I totally freaked out and then rewatched the episode just to watch Colin.

Merlin! I love how Anthony is just chilling while Colin is doing all of the heavy lifting.

Just Merlin dragging a chilling Uther on a cloth. On Set "Merlin" - Anthony Head and Colin Morgan