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Ahaha! But seriously, Gwaine... what is it?

Gwaine has fabulous hair! Even after lying passed-out on a cave floor.

So true! Merlin Knight Funny Camelot geek

Merlin Knight Funny Camelot geek--they probably carry an extra sword, cloak, and armor for when Arthur finally decides to knight Merlin, and they definitely take bets on when it'll happen

Merlin in modern day.

Merlin in modern day.

i agree wholeheartedly

I concur. I loved the Merlin TV show. I may just go back and watch them all over again.

"I don't know why I found this so funny." What even....... Fandom, what are you doing

"I don't know why I found this so funny. Fandom, what are you doing <<< the merlin fandom is having a breakdown.i'll take them with me to go cry with the ret of the sherlock fandom.

love how Arthur hates the servant that does everything right and actually treats him like a prince xD

" "He's seriously boring. I've never met a duller person in my life. The man makes jokes.