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The only time Sherlock lost it in this episode was when he thought John was doubting him. :( please excuse that sound, it's the sound of my heart ripping to shreds and my johnlock feels exploding and sobs erupting from my eyes

While I don't ship johnlock this is funny

Even if you don't ship Johnlock, you have to admit this is funny xD

“ Sherlock seeing John for the first time in two years. ”

“ Sherlock seeing John for the first time in two years. ” He seems to be panicking. I think Sherlock is actually nervous to see John after all these years. Maybe he feels like he may lose his best and closest friend he has ever had.

Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

my heart broke at this.molly looks pretty sad to be telling him this.just soo sad all around.

"Hola a todos, recuerdan esa noche en que Sherlock corrigió a Angelo cada vez…

Sherlock never corrects anyone when they assume he and John are dating

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