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This is so true!!!!

KPop Fans Can Relate. This has happened so many times. There was I think this picture of Kai that I couldn't remember if I saved or not, and when I looked, I saved it almost 15 times.

.this happens all the time

Why does people look at me weirdly if i say "aigoo"? They began to judge me to the core 😂😂😂😂

My Life XD #Funny #Kpop #Meme

That moment when you can only think of Kpop-songs instead of english songs xD

i know you can relate~

So true! A Kpop fans can relate quote about deciding which merchandise to buy…

D': if only i could

Leeteuk left for the army today. :'( I wish him luck, safety, and hope.

KPop Fans Can Relate #1045: Soo true >.< This is why my friends now call me Ero-Chan. In this case "ero" means pervy, "chan" is a term of endearment such as friend. So basically "ero-chan" translates into pervy-friend... ^.^

KPop Fans Can Relate Soo true >.< I even started to read smutty fanfics about my biases, but, well, that's K-Pop for you ^.

Kpop to me

My kpop feels it never fails to make me smile even at my worst states

Now idk wad I do wif my lif

Yes I feel like this all the time but I still watch them 💖😍

Bigbang I can't decide between top or gdragon

KPop Fans Can Relate Like in B.P, I freaking love Youngjae and Himchan, but I can't ever decide which one I love most. Same with SHINee, I love Onew and Taemin, but I can't decide which I like better ~~ can't decide with any member this is bad