ASTRO Breathless era

MelOn Music Story Mini Album Official Photos << I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing at this ever since I watched the behind the scenes video, because the hand Eunwoo is holding belongs to MJ, and they looked so awkward

Also, Astro's stage performance is amazing as well, shamefully i wanna watch their live performances irl more badly than bts whoops (don't get me wrong i freakin love bts)

Astro is so cutness i loved my babys [aroha]

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tumblr_otaqauCb4F1w7cp9mo1_1280.png (706×1000)

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When ppl tell me that I only like kpop for the girly-looking, narcissistic boys. Don't leave out their derpy side xD

BABY MOONBINhow did i recognise this baby from first glance.......

OMG baby MoonBin is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

[#아스트로][NEWS] '컴백 D-7' 아스트로, 타이틀곡 제목 '#고백' 첫 공개

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[#아스트로][NEWS] '컴백 D-7' 아스트로, 타이틀곡 제목 '#고백' 첫 공개