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oh my goodness!! D.O.'s reaction to this Sehun & Luhan 'just married' banner!

O's reaction to seeing the Hunhan banner, lmfao xDDD this is freaking great

kekekeke Sehun must be thinking "Yehet~ me and LuLu just got married~" keke well happy Sehun is happy~ keke congrats to HunHan~

"Sehun asked people what does ‘Married’ means because he didn’t understand why it was on hunhan banner" he`s a baby afterall XD

Sure, love thing it is. #Kris #Chanyeol #EXO #EXO-K #EXO-M

It's like me when my hair is in a ponytail (when I turn my head, it whacks someone in the face) :D

EXO's different types of wink - part 3 (GIF)

Luhan and Xiumin wink. Xiumin' s >-< wink.

this is what happens when their stylist is sick

Baekhyun is wearing his hair style proudly XD // it's probably the wind tho.

Everything and anything Kpop related

Everything and anything Korean pop or japanese pop related. All my favorite bands, singers, actors, dancers, etc////// I love sehuns fabulous faces he pulls YEHET!

EXO reactions to fans stuff | allkpop Meme Center

Chanyeol looks so fucking happy when he saw the chandara banner xD

Lemme introduce to you our DUMBEST + CUTEST MAKNAES in exo, Sehun and Kai

Maknae line playing around haha "that was mine" & jongin smiles xD

XD Suho after divorce! Allkpop memes

Suho showing off the goods

Don't worry chanyeol you won't be going into the shredder ...

Don't worry chanyeol you won't be going into the shredder . My baby looked so shocked, he's so cute and fluffy I

that's it lay, you get him!

Go Lay! XD don't hurt Kai too much though.then I saw Chanyeol in the background.