Sam thi xD

destiel hs au Hahaha cute and funny<< Funny and adorable how Dean is like " This is MY personal nerd cx <<I love how Sam's like "Nope Nope, not my brother.

destiel vs tumblr

a-different-town: This fandom has both excellent timing and fantastic PhotoShop skills. This photoshop is making me shake excitedly and scream in a muffled manner.

This is so cute!

Sam is probably the best part of this know after I got proof it was actually happening.<<< this destiel/birds thing is just awesome

That's right. Suck it, Benny. You can't cockblock them forever.

halloween in purgatory by deanosaurrawr on deviantART// I don't ship Destiel. but Benny is the most adorable thing here!<<Destiel is my OTP but I agree Benny is adorable XD

cute destiel cartoon - Google Search

DESTIEL: How To Rescue A Deanmon by Ringquesse on deviantART well isn't that essentially pretty close to what happened