I don't care what you say...dance IS a sport...you try doing HALF the stuff we do...

It doesn't even phase my teacher when I fall anymore. I fell out of a switch leap and fell into the wall earlier this month.


This is how i sleep, study, sit in class. smh now thats a serious dancer problem

I wouldn't say she is in my class...... @catherine gruntman gruntman Grace We all know who she is. ;)

I wouldn't say she i - I wouldn't say she is in my class. catherine gruntman gruntman Grace We all know who she is.

Pretty much, ya

U don't want to be the weirdo walking strange because of splits and your coach pushing you in conditioning!

@dancing__memes. Hilarious dance and ballet Instagram account

It cracks me up when 'fashion' people call these things 'ballet buns'. A bun, maybe. But not a ballet bun. You wear that to a ballet class and our dance teacher will be like -_- ".

That doesn't happen if you take care of your feet and wear proper gear and not lambs wool like they used to so this post is very inaccurate! At least from my perspective.

Dance problems. In my class there's another Rachael and when the teacher say something like "point your toe Rachael!" I'm like is he talking to me or her ?

This always happens whenever the teacher reminds the class of something!