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Two Orange Park teenagers who posted a disturbing video online of themselves torturing and killing a gopher tortoise have been arrested, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Georgia State Reptile: Gopher Tortoise

Find details on the Georgia State Reptile, Gopher Tortoise. Access Georgia other state symbols, emblems, mascots, and state Reptile.

Image of Gopher Turtles, such as this juvenile, are residents of the sandhill areas that surround springs.

Your big tortoise is a source of pleasure to you. You bought the turtle so you can have more fun with family members and friends.

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‼️‼️This is an excellent list of Edible Plants and Weeds for Tortoises & Land Turtles

Fox squirrels, which prefer longleaf pine forests, are seen in this area, as well as threatened gopher tortoises that dig burrows in the sandy soil. Description from I searched for this on

Crooked River is a state park that is popular for saltwater fishing, boating, and camping.

Danny works on Aldabra tortoise training. The target pole provides a visual cue for the tortoise.

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Gopher Tortoise (gopherus polyphemus) - Irma Hale

Gopher Tortoise (gopherus polyphemus) E-card

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