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I love this one. Collies blow their coats out about twice a year. Despite all the hair they have, they really dont shed unless it is in the Spring and then going into Winter. They blow out these giant puffs of fur which are easy to sweep or just pick u

I pushed Timmy down the well! LOL

Wickedly dunt and no one would blame Lassie that kid could was a trouble magnet! And just took it for granted that Lassie would get him out of whatever he got himself into!

This is what it would be like if your pets had diaries.

Cats Vs Dogs: This Is The Best Diary Comparison Ever. Hilarious except for the use of the word "retarded" towards the end.


Collie This is not a collie, but a Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie. Rough or Smooth Collies are much larger with long elegant noses. Although shelties and collies share some breed characteristics they are two separate breeds.