One of the mining colonies on Mars. Temporary towns are set up right ...

Sci-Fi - Near Future Dystopia

One of the mining colonies on Mars. Temporary towns are set up right against the works, making living conditions unpleasant and dangerous.

Space colonization - namely that the colony would be in the design of a tube, using centrifugal force to create a small state of false gravity.

8 Things We Can Do Now to Build a Space Colony This Century

Thousands of colonists might live on this interstellar Mayflower for a journey lasting generations. The ship has its own ecosystem and artificial gravity from its rotating cylindrical hull. A sister ship looms in the giant window

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Outer Planetary colony ship construction yard The Outer territories- Shipyard

UNSC Infinity tram station by John Liberto.

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has kindly given us a look at some of the concept art used to inspire and set the visual tone for Master Chief's latest adventure, complete with notes from artists.

Schematics of early stage of the Olympus Town / NatGeo's 'Mars' series

HD images from NatGeo's "Mars" TV series

Mars colony by Manchu

Mars colony by Manchu

Mars by Colonize Mars by So Elon Musk wants to send Humans to Mars, and he wants to do it by Elon musk gave an extensive interview at Code .