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Moose are among my favorite animals! Just amazing!

Moose (or Elk if you're in Scandinavia). Despite many, many visits to Norway, I've never seen one of these! There are signs everywhere to warn motorists and I remember always hoping that an elk would appear in the road.

Legendary for encounters with roadvehicles and snowscooters in Canada. + Moozes in Canada today, popular for hunting and their fur. Approximately off all moose related accidents are fatal.

Moose, Wild Life of the World, Richard Lydekker, 1916.

Many of you do not know that it is my wish to have a pet moose! But, someday I shall have one and when I do his name shall be Moose Montana! - oh dear lord, please ignore this persons request!

Need one of these !

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Out for a swim...

Moose cow and twin calves. Mama Moose doesn't look too happy with someone getting so close to her babies.