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Batman Villain Mashups by Gingashi I wish that the first one was a real villain The Joker Riddler. So many feels XD

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern - Justice League War

The fact that Batman doesn't have powers makes him that much more hardcore. This scene from the just alright Justice League: War movie perfectly portrays this about him. And it might be a bit out of character maybe, but I love that smile at the end

Sam Lee scooter

Sam lee w/ yellow scooter Sam Lee by Eric So from .

Batman Animated Series Batman & Robin Kubrick 2-Pack pre-order

Batman Animated Series Batman & Robin Kubrick 2-Pack

Disney Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Kubrick

The Blot Says.: Medicom x Disney Pinocchio Kubrick 2 Pack featuring Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket