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Cap fought the Grey Gargoyle before, but this time he has an edge!

Lot Detail - Marvel Team-Up Marvel Comics (Featuring Gil Kane Cover/Art; Gerry Conway and Len Wein Stories)

https://flic.kr/p/on8JVN | Marvel Team-Up 30 Gil Kane cover

orig UK Cover for Spider-Man Comics Weekly (Marvel UK, 1973 series)


Marvel Team-Up # 50 by Gil Kane & Frank Giacoia-one of the first comics I ever bought!

Marvel Two-in-One # 23 by Ron Wilson & Joe Sinnott

Marvel Two-In-One 21 to The Thing meets pulp fiction hero Doc Savage and then visits the lands of the gods to show them that he's worth his weight in gold.

The Invaders (1975) Issue #17 - Read The Invaders (1975) Issue #17 comic online in high quality

The Invaders Marvel Comics, featuring the menace of Warrior Woman, Nazi-engineered superhuman female threat to the Allies Cover by Gil Kane

Marvel Team-Up # 35 by Gil Kane & Al Milgrom. The Blood Church cult, demons, sacrifices, occult

Legion of Superheroes Homage to Marvel Team Up Issue 35 ( Legion Classified Issue An Infinite Timelines : When Worlds Collide Tie-in . Part 3 of 6 ) , in Aidan (Re-Legion ) Lacy's Re-Legion : The Infinite Timelines Series Comic Art Gallery Room