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TARDIS bookcase. I have a feeling that one day my home will be Doctor Who themed.

Unique bookcase looks like iconic TARDIS time machine / police box from the Doctor Who television show. TARDIS bookcase created by Morgan Louise stores movies and books. -I want this as a book case

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l'ultime bibliothèque =D

Oh neat, you’re a GEEK! (29 photos)

A Tardis bookshelf. A TARDIS BOOKSHELF! This makes since because the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, and books are so, so much bigger on the inside.

Doctor Who themed kitchen? Umm.. yes.

As part of my ongoing project to turn my already white and cobalt blue themed kitchen into a TARDIS themed kitchen, I made two potholders, two towels, and an

Dr. Who Tardis Cake…

Dr Who Tardis Cake…The bday cake to end all bday cakes! I want this bday cake. I need this bday cake. I'll die if I don't get this bday cake!

Since Benjamin wants a Doctor Who themed room, perhaps I should look into doing this!  No instructions, just a picture, but I can do this!

Plain wardrobe / cupboard-to-Tardis conversion. Bigger on the inside? Attach it to the wall behind it and make a doorway to a secret room. Or multiple secret rooms. Just like the tardis!

Dr Who

Admit it, you read all of them in a Dalek voice.NO the dalek has a bow-tie and fez on but yes I read it in a dalek voice